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The Ourika Valley near Marrakech, Morocco

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The Ourika valley is a large area located south of Marrakech city, Stretching for around 32Km, towards the Atlas Mountains. Being only a 40 minutes drive from the city to the village of Setti Fatma, makes the Ourika Valley high on the list of Things to do in Marrakech.

The valley follows along a section of the Ourika River which stretches for around 120Km from the high Atlas Mountains in the south, to where it meets the Oued Tensift in the north of the Marrakech region.

Driving southwards out of Marrakech city, the rural landscape begins, with sights of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the distance. Travelling along the P2017 road, which is commonly known as the Route D’Ourika, the road passes some popular Hotels such as Fellah Hotel, Les Jardins de Zyriab resort and Pickalbatros Aqua fun club.

The route also passes through several villages such as Douar bou Azza,

Reaching closer towards Ourika, there are some interesting locations which can be visited along the way.


A wellness store which displays and offers great natural products with healthy ingredients. Naturom wellness shop in Ourika Valley is a rural based sister shop which also has a branch in Marrakech Medina. Be sure to check the shop opening times if you wish to make a visit to this store.

Ourika Park Ferme pédagogique

This is a Children’s playground with gardens, a petting zoo, a lake with ducks and an outdoor café to enjoy Coffee, tea and snacks. The grounds are quite extensive with lots of greenspace for children to burn off some energy. Entry to the park is free and you can stroll around and enjoy the facilities.

Smile Park

Smile park is an amusement & Theme park with fairground rides which include Bumper cars (Dodgems), Quad bikes, Buggies, Camel rides, an indoor computer console games centre, restaurants, Paintball and hosts themed days regularly throughout the year.

Anima (André Heller Garden)

Anima Garden Ourika

Created by universal artist André Heller, billed as an opulent, 3-hectare botanical staging garden, it is a magical place of sensuality, of wonder, of contemplation, of joy, of healing, and of inspiration. Visitors can stroll along shady paths, between precious trees and shrubs, miracles of flowers and fragrances, pavilions and sculptures. The gardens also includes a Café serving meals, sandwiches, soups and sweet & savoury snacks. They use local farms and homegrown ingredients such as saffron, mint or olives as much as possible. You can also enjoy a breath-taking view of the Mount Toubkal at the high Atlas Mountains, while relaxing on on the rooftop terrace.

Read more about Anima Andre Heller garden

Paradis du Safran Maroc

Is an organic botanical garden, growing Saffron, medicinal plants, citrus- and exotic fruit trees. Owned and operated by a Swiss lady, Christine Ferrari.

Ourika Valley Waterfalls

Ourika Valley Waterfalls

Located at the rural Ourika Valley village of Setti Fatma, about 40 minutes drive from the centre of Marrakech City, the Ourika Valley Waterfalls include 7 cascades varying in height between 25 and 30 Metres.

An alternative to the Ourika Valley Waterfalls is the Ouzoud waterfalls, which are the tallest Cascades in north Africa.

Setti Fatma Village

setti fatma morocco Ourika Valley

Located at the rural Ourika Valley village of Setti Fatma, about 40 minutes drive from the centre of Marrakech City, the Ourika Valley Waterfalls include 7 cascades varying in height between 25 and 30 Metres.

Ourika Valley day trip

There are several options available for visiting the Ourika Valley. Which option you choose will depend upon your budget, the level of comfort and itinerary flexibility that you require and also the overall quality of the experience that you would like.

If you decide to opt for an Ourika Valley day trip, most companies will depart from Marrakech at around 8am, which means that you arrive at Setti Fatma at approx 9:00 AM. However, be aware that the majority of these day trips will be “group shared” trips, where you will join other tourists in a Minibus and the itinerary is fixed with no personal variation. You literally have to follow the crowd.

if you want to have an extra special experience at the Ourika valley, it is best to take a private day trip.

Our Ourika Valley day trip

Our own Ourika Valley day trips are private excursions, where you do not share the vehicle with other people. In this way, you can travel privately with your own family or friends, without being disturbed by other people in the same vehicle. You also have the most flexibility and can choose exactly where you go and where you stop off for exploring.

Our Ourika valley day trips include executive quality vehicles for your travel, as well as pick up directly from your Hotel, Villa or apartment. Naturally, if you are staying inside Marrakech Medina, there are some Riads which are not directly accessible by Vehicle, so your driver would meet you at the nearest possible pick up location.

An excellent advantage of booking our day trip is that we are very flexible with the start time, to suit your own schedule.

You and your family or friends can enjoy the day in your own way.

Your driver, is your personal driver for the day. If you see somewhere en-route that you would like to stop at to take some photos, or you need a comfort break, just ask your driver and he will be happy to provide. You can also make a visit to any of the Ourika valley attractions which we have listed above and in which order you visit them. Note that any entrance fees for attractions are not included in the price of a day trip.

We also encourage independent sightseeing, so you can enjoy the experience yourself, rather than being accompanied by a guide telling you loads of facts all of the time. This way, you and your family or friends can enjoy the day in your own way.

The schedule in the Ourika valley area can be made your own – so, if you have specific places that you would like to visit in Ourika valley, this is possible.

If you do wish to have the services of a guide to hike up the hill to the waterfalls, you’ll find that there are some great public guides for you to choose from. You can discuss what type of service you would like – perhaps just up to the first Waterfall, or, even a hike of a couple of hours duration where you can be accompanied to explore the area and reach some of the more secluded Cascades, which are accessed along small pathways in the surrounding forest.

You’ll find the Ourika Valley waterfalls public guides to be friendly and helpful, and they usually charge about 200 and  dirham in total for your private group.

Indeed, if you would prefer, we can arrange a guide for you.

The duration of the day trip is usually around 7 hours in total, from pick up – Though, you can decide to arrive back at your Hotel earlier if you wish. The journey to Setti Fatma, from Marrakech city centre, is usually around 40 minutes duration and the return journey is of similar duration.

Another advantage of our private Ourika Valley day trip is it’s flexibility. As Ourika Valley is close to Marrakech city, it’s possible to enjoy the trip to the valley for a half day duration and combine it with our half day Marrakech city tour.

Our Ourika Valley day trip Summary

  • Private executive quality transport
  • Professional driver
  • Complimentary on-board Wifi
  • Fully air conditioned vehicle
  • Personal service from your driver
  • Pick up from and return to your Hotel
  • Start time flexibility
  • Duration flexibility – include a half day Marrakech city tour if you wish.
  • Possibility to optionally include a local guide
  • Possibility to optionally include a Camel ride

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