Ouzoud Waterfalls


The Ouzoud Cascades near Marrakech, Morocco

Experience The Ouzoud Waterfalls Morocco

The Ouzoud Waterfalls are located about 2.5 hours drive north east of Marrakech City in Morocco.

Being the collective name for several falls, the Ouzoud falls are the tallest cascades in north Africa – an amazing 350 feet tall. These amazing falls are one of the top Things to do in Marrakech.

The journey from Marrakech to the Waterfalls takes you east of the city along the N8 or the R210. passing through some small villages along the way.

Upon reaching the Ouzoud waterfalls, you’ll find that there is a series of steps leading down to the base area of the falls. From the top of these steps you can enjoy a view of the whole area surrounding you, which includes the falls.

Taking the steps downwards, enables you to reach the base area of the falls, where you will find an area to walk around and relax and take in the full beauty of the scenery. You’ll find some of the resident wildlife here too, as Ouzoud is home to local Monkeys. The Moneys are friendly. Though, we do recommend not touching them and not feeding them.

At this level, there is also a small pool where you can opt to take a ride in a boat to the foot of the falls. The boat trip costs around 20 dirham. You may get a few splashes of water on you from the spray of the falls, but generally speaking you don’t usually get too wet.

Ouzoud Waterfalls Pool & Boat ride

During the summer, if you take your bathing suit with you, it’s also possible to take a dip in the pool – as many locals do.

It’s also important to note that during the summer months, if it is an unusually hot summer or there is a drought, it is possible that the falls may not be in full flow.

When you start feel hungry or you would like some refreshments, you’ll find a range of Cafés and restaurants to relax and enjoy some Tea, coffee, cold drinks or some lunch. Most of the restaurants have a fixed price menu, if you are wanting to have a good local lunch. The price for a fixed menu 3 course meal including drinks is usually around 110.00 Dirham. Though, other options are available.

Ouzoud Waterfalls top lunch tip

A really nice experience that I personally enjoy is taking my own packed picnic lunch, which I buy from a local shop in Marrakech (Moroccan bread, Cheese triangles, boiled eggs and some crisps / chips). It’s a very low cost option and I like to settle for a while on the grass verge that overlooks the falls for an extra special experience. I often wash it down with a delicious coffee which I then buy from one of the Cafes at the falls.

Facilities at the Falls

There are basic toilet facilities at the falls (for a small fee).

Visiting Ouzoud Waterfalls

There are several options available for visiting the Ouzoud Waterfalls. Which option you choose will depend upon your budget, the level of comfort and privacy that you require and also the overall quality of the experience that you would like.

If you decide to opt for an Ouzoud waterfalls day trip, most companies will depart from Marrakech at around 8am, which means that you arrive at Ouzoud at approx 10:30 AM – at exactly the same time as most other tourists. However, be aware that most of these trips are “Shared group” trips where you join other people in a Minibus. There is no itinerary flexibility and you literally have to “follow the crowd”.

After this time, in the summer months, the falls are usually very busy, so you won’t be alone. Some people don’t mind this. However, if you want to have an extra special experience at the Ouzoud falls, it is best to take a private day trip.

Our Ouzoud Waterfalls day trip

Our own Ouzoud waterfalls day trips are private excursions, where you do not share the vehicle with other people. In this way, you can travel privately with your own family or friends, without being disturbed by other people in the same vehicle.

Our Ouzoud Waterfalls day trips include executive quality vehicles for your travel, as well as pick up directly from your Hotel, Villa or apartment. Naturally, if you are staying inside Marrakech Medina, there are some Riads which are not directly accessible by Vehicle, so your driver would meet you at the nearest possible pick up location.

An excellent advantage of booking our day trip is that we are very flexible with the start time, to suit your own schedule.

The best time to start your day trip

Personally, I absolutely recommend a really early start time of 6AM. This brings the absolute advantage of arriving at the falls at least 2 hours ahead of most other people. In this way, you can enjoy the early morning at the Ouzoud falls, without too many people surrounding you. This really helps you to soak up the atmosphere and to have the best opportunity of experiencing the area in peace.

Your driver, is your personal driver for the day. If you see somewhere en-route that you would like to stop at to take some photos, or you need a comfort break, just ask your driver and he will be happy to provide.

We also encourage independent sightseeing, so you can enjoy the experience yourself, rather than being accompanied by a guide telling you loads of facts all of the time. This way, you and your family or friends can enjoy the day in your own way.

If you do wish to have the services of a guide at the Ouzoud waterfalls, you’ll find that there are some great public guides for you to choose from. You can discuss what type of service you would like – perhaps just a quick tour, or, even a hike of a couple of hours duration where you can be accompanied to explore the area and be shown all of the hidden viewpoints which are accessed along small pathways in the surrounding forest.

You’ll find the Ouzoud waterfalls public guides to be friendly and helpful, and they usually charge between 200 and 300 dirham in total for your private group.

Indeed, if you would prefer, we can arrange a guide for you.

The duration of the day trip is usually around 9 to 10 hours in total, from pick up – Though, you can decide to leave the falls earlier if you wish. The journey to the falls, from Marrakech city centre, is usually around 2.5 hours and the return journey is of similar duration.

The minimum duration that we recommend is about 8 hours, which will provide you with around 2 hours at the falls.

Our Ouzoud Waterfalls day trip summary

Our private Ouzoud Waterfalls day trip with executive quality Vehicles.

  • Private executive quality transport
  • Professional driver
  • Complimentary on-board Wifi
  • Fully air conditioned vehicle
  • Personal service from your driver
  • Pick up from and return to your Hotel
  • Choose your own pick up time

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