Anima André Heller Garden


The Anima Andre Heller garden near Marrakech, Morocco

Explore Anima André Heller Garden

The Anima André Heller Garden Marrakech is a 3 hectare botanical garden which is located in the Ourika Valley near Marrakech in Morocco. The gardens can be reached by travelling just 27Km outside of Marrakech city and makes a great excursion for Things to do in Marrakech.

The garden was created by universal artist André Heller with a vision of an opulent, magical space, concentrating on sensuality, wonder, joy, healing and inspiration.

Your visit to Anima André Heller Garden

Arriving at Anima, you can enjoy strolling around the long shady paths between and underneath some previous trees, surrounded by shrubs, flowers and fragrances which are present all around you. As you explore the Anima André Heller Garden you’ll discover pavilions and imaginatively placed sculptures together with views of the snow-capped high Atlas Mountains in the distance.

Anima Museum

Inside the grounds of Anima you’ll also find a Museum which displays exhibitions of paintings, photographs and items of significance designed by different visual artists from across the world. The Museum exhibits change regularly throughout the year.

Café Marocain Paul Bowles

After all of that exploring around the Anima André Heller Garden, you’ll likely need some refreshment and an opportunity to relax in the peaceful surroundings for a while. The André Heller Garden includes a Moroccan Café where you can enjoy such delights as fresh Fruit juice, fine teas and delicious pastries. The ingredients used to make the Café offerings are grown directly at Anima. The Café offerings change seasonally throughout the year and also include home-grown ingredients from local farms. The Café also has views of the high Atlas Mountains from it’s rooftop terrace.

The sculptures at Anima

Alongside the natural beauty of the gardens, you’ll find many sculptures and artistic expressions nestled amongst the lush green surroundings. The sculptures, paintings and art installations are showcases from local talents and well-known artists, which include American artist Keith Haring.

the anima André Heller Garden for Children

Families with children are welcomed and the Anima André Heller Garden promises that the Children will have a blast exploring the wonderland of winding paths, twists and turns which are leading to hidden areas which are full of surprises to discover.

For those children who need a little relaxation time, there are Hammocks and benches scattered around the garden, presenting an enchanting place to stimulate the senses.

Impressions of the André Heller Garden

The Anima André Heller Garden has attracted some really positive attention across the globe, with the New York times branding Anima as a Wonderland of exotic gardens, gazebos, ponds and mystical artworks.

Similarly, the Washington Post admired the André Heller Garden with Backdropped by the surprisingly tall Atlas Mountains, [ANIMA] bursts with bright, Instagram-ready sculptures.

Anima themselves describes the garden as André Heller’s paradisiacal garden in the Ourika Valley and located in the shadows of the lofty Atlas Mountains.

Anima André Heller Garden Opening hours

Anima is open all year around (except for the Aid el Kebir hoidays which are at the end of June). The gardens open at 9am and close at 6pm.

Wander around the Andre Geller gardens near Marrakech

Getting to Anima André Heller Garden

Anima offer a free shuttle bus daily which departs from Koutoubia car park in Marrakech city.

Anima free Shuttle bus schedule

The free shuttle bus from Marrakech city to the André Heller Garden departs from Marrakech at 09:30 AM and at 14:30 hrs in the afternoon. The shuttle also departs from the gardens to travel back to Marrakech city at 13:00 hrs and 17:30 hrs daily.

Be aware that there is limited availability each day for the free shuttle bus.

Private transfer from your Hotel to Anima André Heller Garden

If you don’t fancy waiting around for a shuttle bus, we can provide private transfers from your Marrakech Hotel to the gardens and back. Your driver would meet you at your Marrakech Hotel and would drive you to the André Heller Garden. The driver can then take you back to your Marrakech Hotel.
Additionally, you may wish to include Anima on a day trip to Ourika valley, where you can combine your visit with experiencing the rural Berber village of Setti Fatma and other locations in the area.

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