Marrakech Camel ride


Camel riding in Marrakech

Enjoy a Marrakech Camel ride

One of the most popular things to do in Marrakech is a Marrakech Camel ride. Whilst visiting the city, at some point, most visitors have the desire to go Camel riding in Marrakech.

Perhaps you are imagining yourself riding a Camel down the busy streets of Marrakech city centre?

Luckily, the Marrakech Camel rides are enjoyed in a far more relaxed location than this.

There are 2 main locations to enjoy a Camel ride and both of them are located outside of the city.

Palmeraie Marrakech Camel rides

The first, and the most enjoyable location, is a Camel ride in the Marrakech Palmeraie area. Situated about 20 minutes drive outside of the Marrakech centre, the Marrakech Palmeraie area is rural and enjoys the surroundings of Palm trees and small villages.

A couple of Camels await their passengers for a Marrakech Camel ride in the palmeraie.

There are a few advantages to the Marrakech Palmeraie for Camel rides. The first is that it is very close to most city centre areas, so the journey to the site is relatively short. The one main advantage is that the Palm trees which are found in this area provide a canopy to shield you from the sun. This can make the camel ride experience more enjoyable, as it can offer protection from the hot sun in the summer months.

Because the palmeraie area is close to the city, the cost of travelling to the Camel riding sites is lower than travelling to other locations.

Agafay Desert Marrakech Camel rides

Slightly further afield than the Marrakech Palmeraie is the Agafay Desert. The Agafay desert is a drive of about 40 minutes outside of the city centre of Marrakech.

It is here that you can enjoy a desert surrounding. I need to make a note for you here about the Agafay Desert. Whilst it is classed as a Desert, it is a dry, flat Desert, so you won’t find any Sand dunes here.

A view of the Agafay Desert near Marrakech with the snow capped Atlas Mountains in the distance.

The setting, however is an experience. Most of the Agafay Desert Camel rides are based at the Desert camps in the Agafay area. This can have it’s own advantages, as you can usually enjoy the Camel ride and also some other activities, such as Quad bike riding and buggy rides. Additionally, you could also enjoy the Desert camp restaurant.

One of the most enjoyed Agafay desert Camel riding experiences include a Camel ride just prior to sunset, followed by Mint tea whilst enjoying the Sunset. You could then also enjoy an evening meal and some traditional Moroccan entertainment. This is all in a single trip and you don’t have to stay overnight at the Desert camp.

Marrakech Camel ride duration

You may imagine a long Camel ride to really immerse yourself into the experience. However, I totally advise against this. Whilst the lure of a Camel ride is strong, there is one factor that you should know about: Camel riding can be very uncomfortable.

It is absolutely, definitely, an experience to try. However, I totally recommend a Camel ride that lasts a maximum of 1 hour.

After 1 hour, most people have had their fill of adventure.

So, whilst you may see 2 hour camel rides, you should really consider if such a long time really is a good idea.

The best time of day to ride Camels in Marrakech?

In the summer months, Marrakech can be very hot. I would generally advise against riding Camels in the middle of the day, particularly in the Agafay Desert.

The best time of day to ride Camels in Marrakech is around Sunset time. The sun is lower in the sky, and the temperature is perhaps a few degrees lower. This will make the Camel riding experience even more enjoyable.

What to wear when riding Camels in Marrakech?

In the summer months, it will probably be hot in Marrakech. Camels have short and quite Bristly hair. Even though it will most likely be hot, I really advise against wearing shorts for a Camel ride. Those bristly Camel hairs can agitate the legs sometimes, so, you will find it much more comfortable to wear long trousers for this activity.

Can children ride camels in marrakech?

Children are allowed to ride Camels in Marrakech. However, there are some age related guidelines.

  • Children aged 12 years or over can usually ride a Camel by themselves.
  • Children aged less than 12 years are usually required to ride a Camel with an adult.
  • Children aged 5 years and under can ride a Camel with an adult. However, you should consider whether or not they would enjoy the experience.
  • Most Marrakech Camel ride operators will allow a child to sit on a stationary Camel to have their photo taken, if they wish, without participating on a Camel ride.

How to book a Marrakech Camel ride

Some Camel ride experiences use shared transport, so you’ll find yourself travelling in a group shared Minibus, picking people up from different Hotels. Let’s face it, when you want to go Camel riding, you want to go Camel riding!

Our Camel ride trips include private executive vehicles with complimentary on-board Wifi and complimentary child car seats. Your driver will meet you directly at your Hotel (or another location if you wish) and, at the end of the experience, your driver will take you back to your Hotel (or another city centre location, if you wish).

Note that if you are staying inside Marrakech Medina, some of the Riads are not directly accessible to Vehicles due to the narrow side streets, so the driver would meet you at a nearby accessible location.

Our Marrakech Camel ride options:

  • 1 Hour Marrakech palmeraie Camel ride with private transport
  • 1 hour Agafay Desert Camel ride with private transport

We realise that riding a Camel isn’t for everyone. With this in mind it is possible for non-riding members of your group to attend the Camel ride without paying for a Camel ride. Instead of that person paying, they can attend free of charge and can walk alongside the Camels. Remember that you will need to book the appropriate size Vehicle for your family or group, which can take all people whether they are riding Camels or not.

It is also possible to ride a Camel as an option during our Ourika Valley or high Atlas Mountains day trips