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Best currency to take to Morocco from UK?


Best currency to take to Morocco from UK and Where to buy Moroccan Dirham?

Best currency to take to Morocco from UK? We often get asked from British people flying into Morocco from England and UK, what is the best currency to take to Morocco from UK? and where to buy Moroccan Dirham? Most importantly, you need to know how you can save yourself from expensive currency exchange counters too.
So, here is our guide to the best currency to take to Morocco from UK.

The Moroccan Dirham

The official currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham.
However, Euros are often widely accepted in a large amount of shops, hotels and restaurants.

For UK visitors to Morocco, a lot of people believe that they should exchange their British pounds into Euro to bring them to Morocco. This is a bad move. Firstly, you would lose money twice – once when changing pounds to Euro and then secondly when having to exchange Euro for Moroccan Dirham. So, the best currency to take to Morocco from UK is to just bring your Pounds with you to Morocco. You can then exchange the pounds directly into Moroccan Dirham when you are in Morocco. By waiting until you arrive in Morocco, you will save yourself a bunch of money.  You will only be paying for the one currency exchange transaction.

Best currency to take to Morocco - Where to buy Moroccan Dirham

Why not just pay with Euro when in Morocco?

If you have some left over Euro and you do want to use it in Morocco, this is not a problem. This is sometimes a good idea to use up those old Euro notes. If you want to spend your Euro whilst in Morocco, then be aware that you need to know the current exchange rate between Euro and Dirham.

The correct currency exchange rate between Euro and Moroccan Dirham
Be aware of the current exchange rate between Euro and Moroccan Dirham if you intend to spend your Euro in Morocco. A lot of traders, particularly shops and street traders will try to convince you that the correct exchange rate between Euro and Moroccan dirham is 1 Euro = 10 dirham. This is not correct, and is a rate which harps back to many years ago.
The correct currency exchange rate between Euro and Dirham is around 11.13 dirham to every 1 Euro. But do ensure that you check the correct rate on the day. You should do this by looking in on the currency exchange rate counters in the country.

Where to buy Moroccan dirham

When you arrive into Morocco, perhaps at Marrakech Menara Airport, you will definitely need some Moroccan Dirham almost instantly. Most people fear buying foreign currency at Airports when they arrive into a foreign country. However, when arriving into Morocco at an Airport, the exchange rate is usually very good. However, there are a few tips to remember.

Where to buy Moroccan dirham at Marrakech Airport?

When you arrive on a flight at Marrakech Airport, you’ll first go through immigration (passport control) and then you will collect your luggage. In the luggage collection room there is a currency exchange counter. I totally recommend that you don’t use this currency exchange counter. Instead, you should collect your luggage and proceed through Customs. You will then arrive into the Marrakech Airport main terminal building. In the main terminal building there are plenty of Banks and foreign currency exchange counters that offer very competitive rates.

Can i buy Moroccan Dirham in the United Kingdom?

The Moroccan dirham is classed as a closed currency. This means that it cannot (or rather, should not) be traded outside of Morocco. You’ll find some foreign currency counters in the UK which sell Moroccan Dirham. This is particularly so at UK Airports. It is best to not buy Moroccan Dirham from an agent in the UK because you will most usually get a bad exchange rate. It is most usually best to wait until you arrive into Morocco and then buy your Moroccan Dirham.

Exchanging Moroccan Dirham for Pounds in Morocco

At the end of your trip to Morocco, you may have some left over Moroccan Dirham. If you don’t want to hang on to the Dirham, then you will need to exchange them back into Pounds before you leave Morocco.

The Moroccan Dirham is a closed currency, meaning that it cannot be traded outside of Morocco. When you arrive into Morocco and exchange Pounds for Dirham, you will be given a yellow or white transaction receipt. You really must keep this receipt safe because you will need it when you want to exchange the dirham back into Pounds. I have personally queued at the currency exchange counter at Marrakech Airport and seen then refuse to exchange many tourists unwanted dirham back into Euro or Pounds solely because the person could not produce an exchange receipt.

Be aware! that if you withdraw Moroccan Dirham from an ATM in Morocco, and you then want to exchange it back into your currency, the currency exchange counter can refuse to exchange the dirham – Even if you have the receipt from the ATM. So, plan carefully with your British pounds and your Moroccan Dirham when you visit Morocco.

Also remember that generally, that you may be limited to the amount of Dirhams stated on your initial currency exchange receipt, when exchanging Dirham back into other Currencies. So, if you initially received 5000 Dirham from Pounds, and you were given the receipt, and you later want to exchange 7000 dirham into British pounds, you may encounter a problem, and they may only allow you to exchange only 5000 dirham (the amount that your receipt says you received on the initial transaction).

So, when considering what is the best currency to take to Morocco from the UK, you also need to consider about exchanging the Dirham back into British pounds.

Why does Morocco have such tough rules on currency exchange?

Why do i need to keep the currency exchange receipt and why can they not exchange the dirham back into Pounds without it?

The simple reason is that they are trying to ensure that you have not gained the Moroccan dirham by gambling in Casino’s. Gambling in Casino’s and taking Moroccan Dirham will have special rules for tax. Obviously, in the past, some gamblers have tried to get away without paying the special gambling tax, posing just as a tourist. So, now, they insist upon seeing that currency exchange receipt to make sure that you aren’t trying to pull a fast one after a win at the Casino! Additionally, it is to ensure that you are not trying to sneak out of Morocco with Dirham that you may have earned from work in Morocco, without paying the proper amount of tax.

What can i do if i do not have the Moroccan dirham currency exchange receipt?
Essentially, there is not much that you can do if you find that you do not have the receipt which proves you bought the money into the country in the first place. There is just one possibility. Perhaps you can find another tourist at the Airport who does not need to use their own Currency exchange receipt and will allow you to use theirs to exchange your Moroccan Dirham back into your own currency, such as British Pounds or Euro.

Can i just take the Dirham out of Morocco instead of exchanging it into British Pounds or Euro?
Yes, it is no problem to just take the Moroccan Dirham out of Morocco instead of exchanging it back into British Pounds. However, there is a limit. The current limit for taking Moroccan Dirham out of Morocco is up to 10,000 Moroccan Dirham. The best currency to take to Morocco from the UK is the British pound, unless you have some left over Euro.

73 thoughts on “Best currency to take to Morocco from UK?”

  1. Hi Alex,

    This depends upon which currency is your current home currency.
    If you are visiting Morocco from a euro country, then it is best for you to take to Euro to Morocco with you and then exchange Euro for Moroccan Dirham.
    If the British pound is your home currency, then take British pounds with you to exchange into Moroccan Dirham. It’s not a good idea to exchange British pounds into Euro to USD because when you arrive into Morocco you would then have to exchange them into Moroccan dirham anyway….and you would then pay exchange commission twice.

    I hope that helps.


    1. Hi Daniel.

      The Marrakech Airport has official bank counters, where you can exchange money when you arrive.
      The exchange rate you receive there is the official exchange rate.
      There is one caveat to this, my advice is to ignore the currency exchange counter which is located in the baggage claim area. Walk straight past it, proceed through customs and into the main terminal hall. You will find the official bank counters in the main Airport terminal hall.

      I don’t recommend exhanging money at your Riad, unless you really have no choice. The reason for this is that Riads are not connected to banks in anyway, so it’s doubtful that you would get the best rate. However, do check with your Riad and compare the rates offered to what the local banks are offering.

      If you are still feeling cautious about exchanging money at the Airport, you can always use the ATM’s to withdraw dirham. Just ensure that you check what foreign exhange rates & what cash withdrawal fees your bank will charge you. It’s also always a good idea to inform your card issuer that you will be travelling to Morocco.

      I hope that helps,


  2. when exchanging money at the official bank counters in the airport is it best to use cash or debit card as I am not a fan of carrying a lot of GBP when travelling.

    1. Hi Abbas,
      If you are taking cards to Morocco, then it is probably best to use the ATM’s to withdraw cash, rather than using the currency exchange counters.

      Remember to tell your card issuers (bank) that you are visiting Morocco so that they do not block your card for “unusual activity”.
      I also recommend that you take some cash with you too, as a back up, but only exchange this into Dirham when (and if) you need to.

  3. I will be going to marrakech in December for 4 days, whats the best amount of GBP to take with me? Hotel and taxi from the airport is paid for, I will need money for food and shopping.

    1. Hi Sana,
      It’s really difficult to put an actual figure on it because there are so many variables.

      Food can range from a couple of pounds per person for street food or cafes, to €20 for a good meal in a Restaurant.
      If you are thinking of eating out on a budget, my advise is to stay away from the Jemaa el fna and instead, visit some of the small Cafes elsewhere. I always gauge a place by looking to see how many locals are eating there. If it’s good enough for locals, then it’s usually pretty good.

      One evening meal in the jemaa el fna you won’t want to miss is to try the variety of food stalls. Though, choose the stall carefully and be clear with your food order, and beware of what may appear to be “freebies”.

      I hope that helps.


  4. Why did you mention “probably best to use the ATM’s to withdraw cash, rather than using the currency exchange counters.”?

    Also why did you advice this: “ignore the currency exchange counter which is located in the baggage claim area. Walk straight past it, proceed through customs and into the main terminal hall. You will find the official bank counters in the main Airport terminal hall.”?

    Will the bank counters in the main hall be open 24/7 as well? (we are due to land at 7pm)

    1. Hi Mohammed,

      If you are taking Credit / debit cards to Morocco, (but no cash), then it is probably better to use the ATM’s to withdraw cash because your banks exchange rate will probably be better than a currency exchange counter.
      However, you should, of course, do your research before you travel to ensure that your bank card’s foreign exchange rate when withdrawing cash (otherwise known as cash advance) is the best rate.
      Note that regardless of whether you use your credit card at an ATM or at a currency exchange counter your credit cards “Cash advance” exchange rate will apply. Purchasing cash at a currency exchange counter, with a credit card is still regarded as a cash withdrawal. Most credit card issuers charge a higher % rate for cash advances and the interest starts to accrue from the day you “withdraw” the cash.

      If you are taking credit / debit card to Morocco, i see no benefit to purchasing currency via an exchange counter when you can just get it straight from the machine.

      I always advise people to ignore the currency exchange counter in the baggage claim area of Marrakech Airport because they usually have bad exchange rates.
      It’s far better to get your currency from the official bank counters in the main terminal entrance.

      Bank counters at Marrakech Airport are available 24/7.

      It’s always best to take a credit / debit card with you on your travels, even if it is just for emergency use.

      Always tell your bank card issuer that you are visiting Morocco prior to starting your trip.

  5. Hi,
    First time traveler. I’m taking £1000 cash (2wks with a lot planned). Would it be better to exchange at official bank counters in the main terminal entrance or elsewhere? I’m staying in Gueliz.

    Also which bank counter would you suggest?


    1. If you are going to exchange currency at the Airport, it is best to do this at the official bank counters in the main terminal hall.
      There is not a preferred bank counter.

      Mostly, the exchange rates at banks in Marrakech work out generally the same, so Airport or bank in the city, you should not find any difference that is worth considering.

  6. Hi if I withdraw money from an ATM machine and keep the receipt, will airport exchange my dirhams to U.K. Pounds? I don’t like carrying too much cash so tend to withdraw from an ATM abroad but I’m worried if unable to change it back to pounds again. Advice welcome

    1. If they don’t accept the receipt, the best thing to do is to find another visitor with a spare currency exchange receipt that you can use.
      There is usually plenty of them around the currency exchange area of Marrakech Airport.
      You just have to ensure that the value of the currency exchange receipt you get given is of higher value than the amount of dirham you want to exchange into foreign currency.

  7. Hi there, my plan is to exchange some pounds to MAD, when i get to marrakech airport. But now im wondering because im going on a sunday and will get there for the evening, would the banks or the airport currency exchanger be open? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Najma,

      You’ll find that the currency exchange counters at Marrakech Airport are open when there are flight arrivals and departures scheduled.
      So, you should not find any issues.

    1. Hi Pete,
      There are, as far as i am aware, no currency exchange counters directly at Casablanca Port.
      Most usually, your cruise ship will provide a free shuttle into the city where you can find ATM’s and currency exchanges / banks.

      I would advise you to check with your cruise company about their plans to get you from the port to the city.



  8. If changing e.g. British pounds into dirhams on arrival, can unused dirhams be changed into euros (rather than pounds) on departure, assuming the original exchange receipt is produced? (I ask because, on a cruise, the probability is that the subsequent ports will be in the Eurozone, where the euros would be beneficial.)


    1. Hi Tracy,
      That’s correct, it is usually possible to exchange unused dirham into any other currency.
      However, if Morocco is the only destination on your cruise which is non Euro currency, it may be better to just exchange your British pounds into Euro before or at the start of your cruise. You could then exchange a small amount of euro into Moroccan dirham, as needed.
      The other advantage which this brings is that you may find that you may be able to purchase some items in Morocco using euro.
      If you do this, just pay attention to the currency exchange rate which the trader provides when you are buying his goods or service.



  9. The British money has changed into ​’Sir Winston Churchil £20′ ‘Adam Smith £5’ and Charles Darwin £10, could i still exchange that money into Moroccan dirham ????

    1. Hi Annies,

      As long as they are still legal tender in the UK, there is no reason to doubt that they would be accepted at any currency exchange office, as long as they are good condition – no rips or tears etc.



  10. Hi there

    We accidently exchanged aud to aed and not mad. Will the banks accept the aed to exchange to mad.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Travis,

      Yes, banks in Morocco will allow you to exchange AED (Emirates Dirham) for Moroccan Dirham.



  11. I have thomson money card with euros on left over from a another going to Morocco next month is it ok to take the card or will I be better cashing in the euros and taking the money ?

    1. Hi Richie,

      Whether you cash in the Euro stored on your money card or whether you take the card with you depends upon if there are any charges from the card issuer for cashing in.

      If you are not sure, then i believe that you would benefit from taking the card with you and using up your Euro (unless you are planning another trip to a country who’s currency is Euro).

      If you use the card in Morocco,remember to take into account any charges which your card issuer may make for withdrawing cash from the card or for transactions in another currency.

      You won’t be able to withdraw Euro in Morocco, but you will be able to withdraw Moroccan Dirham.

      Ensure that you take another card with you (as a back up) and also some cash. When taking cash, i advise you to take British pounds with you, so you won’t lose on currency exchange twice.
      It’s always best to notify your bank card issuer that you are visiting Morocco, so that they don’t block the card in error if you use it.

      Hope that helps.


    1. Hi Kevin,
      You are best to plan to use Cash (Moroccan Dirham), whilst in Morocco, except for transactions such as Hotels, high end restaurants, etc etc.
      Morocco is mainly a cash society and most businesses do not have card terminals.



    1. Hi Chan,
      If not, you should be able to exchange them at a bank branch.
      Personally, i believe it may be better to exchange them into USD before you depart from your country.



  12. Hi Paul
    Can you exchange australian cash at the airport, I will have some euro as I’m coming from spain but as my country is australia would it be better to exchange this due to the bank charges for changing and then changing again?

    1. Hi Maddie,
      If you will have no further use for your Euro on your trip onwards from Morocco, then it would probably be a good idea to exchange your Euro.
      If you still need your Euro, then i would exchange Australian dollars for Moroccan Dirham.

      Remember to keep the pink slip that they give you at the exchange booth, so that you can exchange the Dirham back into AUD (or other currency) when you arrive back at the Airport for your departure.

      My best regards,


    1. Hi Jay,
      I believe that most, if not all Currency exchange offices or Banks will exchange Australian Dollars for Moroccan Dirham.

  13. Hi Paul,
    I am travelling to marrakech in two days and wondering if it is better to change some pounds to dirhams here in the uk or is the rate always better in Morocco?


    1. Hi Miriam.

      It’s definately not best to change British pounds into Moroccan dirham in the Uk.
      Firstly, you will get a bad exchange rate and secondly it’s illegal.

      The Moroccan Dirham is a closed currency and cannot be traded outside of Morocco.

      It’s best to take your British pounds with you and exchange them for Dirham at Marrakech Airport.
      But, avoid the currency exchange counter at Marrakech Airport luggage room….collect your luggage, pass customs and exchange your currency in the main terminal hall.



    1. Hi Tanya,
      All of the popular Moroccan banks are there, so you will have some choice.
      All are just about equal to each other.



    1. When taking British pounds into Morocco from the UK there are 2 limits that you need to be aware of.

      The first is a limit of £10,000 when exiting the UK.
      You must declare any cash of value £10,000 or more to the UK Customs when leaving the UK.

      There is no limit for taking any foreign currency into Morocco.
      However, any foreign currency which exceeds the equivalent value of 100,000 Moroccan Dirham must be declared to Moroccan customs when you enter Morocco. This is currently *approx* £8,200.

  14. We are travelling to Marrakech in just over a weeks time from Scotland. Do you know if the currency exchange at the Airport will accept Scottish Sterling notes or should we change to English Sterling before we leave?

    1. Hi Claire,

      British pounds are the best currency to take to Morocco, if you are planning on taking cash.
      This is because regional currencies such as the Scottish pound are not recognised in Morocco.

      All the best,

    1. Hi Mary,

      British pounds are the best currency to take to Morocco, if you are planning on taking cash.
      This is because regional currencies such as the Scottish pound are not recognised in Morocco.

      All the best,

    1. Hi Christine,
      It would depend upon the conditions of your pre-paid card.
      You should consider how much the card issuer charges for cash withdrawals in a particular currency and what the currency exchange fees could be.
      Note that in Morocco, you would be withdrawing cash in Moroccan dirham. A prepaid card would not have the cash stored on the card in Moroccan dirham. So, you could end up paying currency exchange fees twice unless you loaded the card with GBP.


  15. Hi Paul, can you let me know the difference between the buying and selling rates for British Pounds at the bank counters in the mail terminal of RAK? I understand that the rates keep fluctuating, but just to have a rough idea. For example, if I exchange £1000 and get MAD 12300.00, then I change my mind and tell the money changer to give me British Pounds for MAD 12300.00, how much would I get back? Kind regards.

    1. Hi Rizwan,
      You have to remember that everytime you exchange currency you will lose a portion of it to a commission.
      Additionally, the exchange rate may change. A change of exchange rate may benefit you or it may cause a loss, depending upon which way it changed.
      I believe that currency exchange rates are set everyday, according to the rate set by the central bank of Morocco.

      My best regards,


    1. If you are visiting Europe prior to arriving in Morocco, then i recommend that you take Euro with you. If you will be travelling to Morocco from the UK, and you have British pounds, then this will be best. If you are travelling directly from New zealand to Morocco, then you should be able to exchange New zealand dollars. However, i cannot guarantee it, or, whether you would receive a good rate of exchange.

  16. Hi, we are travelling from New Zealand, to Europe and the UK, and are loading Euros and GBP onto a Mastercard Cash Passport. We will be spending about 5 days in Morocco on a tour. Which currency would it be best to convert to MAD? And would we be best to use an ATM?

    1. Hi Robyn,
      Either currency can be used to convert into or withdraw Moroccan Dirham.
      Ensure that you inform the card issuer that you are visiting Morocco.
      Check to see how much the card will charge you for withdrawing cash. Although, in Morocco, cash is king, so you will need to withdraw cash to spend in most places, particularly rural areas.

  17. Hi – we are travelling late May to Marrakech, which we have found out is Ramadan. We land just before 7pm on a Thursday evening – will the Banks/currency exchange counters at the airport be open then?


    1. Hi Samantha,
      I do believe that the currency exchange counters at Marrakech Airport will be open as usual.

      My best regards,

  18. Hi, my daughter is going to Marrakesh next week. If she uses her UK Debit Card for ATM withdrawals is she likely to be charged more in commission than if she took UK pounds in cash? She also has a Fairfx Euro card and was thinking of loading that with Euros before going but I think from previous blogs by you that might not be financially a good thing to do? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Grant,
      Whether your daughter will be charged more in commission by using her uk debit card or not depends upon the actual debit card.
      You need to check on the bank’s website, about the card, to see the commission rates and the foreign currency conversion rate.
      Note that the rate will be higher if she is withdrawing cash (dirham) from an ATM in Morocco.

      The Euro card will not be helpful for your daughter here, as she will have to load the card with euro and then spend those Euro in dirham.
      So, effectively, she will be paying currency exchange commission twice – Once for loading the card (GBP to Euro) and then once when she spends (Euro to Dirham).
      Whichever way, it’s always best to go the most direct route: GBP to Dirham, whether that be by card or cash.

      Best regards,


  19. Hi Paul, a couple of friends and I are going to Marrakech in November. I’ve just recently got a Monzo card and was planning on using that there, is this a good idea or should I just stick to cash?


    1. Hi Precious,
      Looking at the specifications of the Monzo card, it looks very worthwhile.
      The main advantage of this card is that for cash withdrawals abroad, they only charge 3% of the withdrawal value as a fee, when abroad.
      So, for example, if you withdraw £300.00, you pay just £9.00. This could be very advantageous.

      Couple this with their generous “no fees” offer whilst purchasing in shops when abroad, i don’t think you could go wrong with this card.
      But do ensure you check that the terms and conditions are correct for you.

      My advice, as ever, is to ensure that you have a back up card with you and also take some British pounds in cash too.

  20. Hi,

    Myself and my partner will be travelling to Agadir for a weeks holiday and I’ve seen on other threads to exchange GDP to Dirham in the airport main terminal. Would this be correct for Agadir also? We would be taking £600.00 in cash.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi James,

      It’s usually best to also exchange British pounds for Moroccan Dirham at Agadir Airport. It’s a good idea to also take a card with you, as a back up.

  21. Hi
    Are you able to withdraw British pounds from atm with a visa debit card to exchange to Durham or can you use your debit or credit card at the bureau exchange to get Durham. I am traveling there in November I do not like carrying cash on me. Thanks

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      It’s not possible to withdraw British pounds from ATM’s in Morocco. The ATM’s only dispense Moroccan Dirham.
      So, the best solution for you may be to withdraw Dirham. However, it really is advisable to take some British pounds cash with you.
      You also need to check how much your bank would charge you for withdrawing cash in Morocco.

  22. Hi, im travelling to morroco soon from the UK and i checked online and it said we can take up to 2000 MAD into the country ( exchange money in the UK) is this correct?

    1. Yes, that’s correct. You can only take a maximum of 2,000 Moroccan Dirham into Morocco.
      It’s really not worth buying Moroccan Dirham in the UK because you will usually be getting a poor exchange rate.
      Wait until you get to Morocco before you buy your Moroccan dirham, it is usually the best option.

  23. Hi, I’m travelling to Rabat next week and I wonder if it’s a good idea to exchange pounds for dirhams at the airport or rather in the city (and where exactly). Will I be able to pay for a taxi in pounds?

    1. Thank you for your comment. It will definitely be a good idea to exchange some British pounds into Moroccan Dirham at the Airport because Moroccan public Taxis won’t take cash payment in British pounds.
      Note: Don’t buy Moroccan Dirham in the UK, even if you see it available.

    1. It’s always best to tip with the Moroccan dirham. If you tipped somebody with, for example, a one pound coin, the coin, and the tip, would be almost useless to the person as they would struggle to get coins exchanged into Moroccan dirham.

  24. Hi,
    Thinking of using Agadir airport in June.
    Do you know if there is an exchange place there that’s offering the standard bank rate ?

    1. Hi Allan,
      Yes, Agadir Airport does have currency exchange counters.
      I would avoid using any currency exchange counter that may be in the luggage collection room. Instead, go through into the main terminal hall (after customs) and you’ll find the best currency exchange counters there.

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