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Essaouira taxis

Essaouira taxis & transfers

Our essaouira taxis service

Our Essaouira taxis service provides you with private transfers, together with secure booking and great value prices.

We offer secure booking and great value prices.

Air conditioned vehicles

All vehicles are modern and air conditioned for your comfort during your transfer.

Secure & private transfers

Booking in advance for your transfer provides you with a secure transfer service as well as a private transfer just for you and your group.

free child car seats

We provide free child car seats on most of our routes for safety and comfort, when ordered in advance.

essaouira central square

Essaouira taxis information

On your trip you will probably need to use Essaouira taxis when visiting the coastal town of Essaouira. Because first time visitors to Essaouira may not know about the taxi system, they can end up paying more for their trips. So, let’s help you save money during your Essaouira trip.

We provide private transfers for many locations from and to Essaouira. In this article we provide you with information about Essaouira taxis and private transfers.

Need help? Contact us for assistance

Our UK based customer services are available to assist you with your booking and questions.

Message us via What’s app for the fastest response

+44 7454584331

Our transfers service

Providing transfers and day trips across Morocco since 2011, we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional customer services.

Essaouira taxis booking information

Public taxis in Essaouira can be convenient for in town travel. However, you should consider the advantages of our private Essaouira transfers service for longer journeys or intercity trips. We can also help to plan a whole itinerary to make things easier.

casablanca airport to marrakech

Marrakech to Essaouira

Journey time between Marrakech and Essaouira: 2 and a half hours duration

Our transfer services operate 24/7. Your driver will transfer you from your Marrakech pick up location to your Essaouira destination. Your Marrakech pick up location can be any Hotel, Riad or other address in Marrakech. Just remember that some Riad’s in Marrakech Medina are not directly reachable by car. If this applies to your pick up location, your driver will walk to your Riad (if possible) or will meet you nearby.

Marrakech Airport

Marrakech Airport to Essaouira

Journey time between Marrakech Airport & Essaouira: 2 and a half hours duration.

Our transfer services operate 24/7 for all flight arrivals at Marrakech Airport. Your driver will meet you directly outside the Airport terminal building and will be waiting to take you directly to Essaouira.

Your Essaouira destination can be any Hotel, Riad or other address in Essaouira town.

casablanca airport taxis

Essaouira to Marrakech & Marrakech Airport

Journey time: 2 and a half hours duration

Our transfer services operate 24/7 for all transfers from Essaouira, taking you to Marrakech city or Marrakech Airport. Your driver will meet you at a suitable location in Essaouira to begin your journey. Your Marrakech destination can be any Hotel, Riad or other address in Marrakech city, or we can take you to Marrakech Airport. 

Agadir taxis

Essaouira to Agadir

Journey time: 3 and a half hours

Operating 24/7 your driver can transfer you from Essaouira to Agadir hotels and addresses.

agadir airport taxis

Essaouira to Agadir Airport

Journey time: 3 and a half hours

A private transfer for you from Essaouira to Agadir Airport.


Essaouira to Essaouira Airport

Journey time: 30 minutes

A private transfer for you from Essaouira to Essaouira Mogador Airport

oualidia beach morocco

Essaouira to Oualidia

Journey time: 3 hours duration

A private transfer for you from Essaouira to Oualidia

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Essaouira taxis & transfers FAQ

Do you provide private transfers from Essaouira Airport?

Yes, we do also provide Essaouira Airport transfers which are also private transfers.

Where do i meet my driver ?

Once you have made your booking you will receive a full booking confirmation email. The email will provide you with full details of where to meet your driver at your requested pick up location.

What vehicles do you provide for our transfer?

Our Essaouira taxis service provides modern and air conditioned vehicles. We use a variety of vehicle types and sizes. We will provide a vehicle which is suitable in size for your booking. 

Note that if your destination is inside Marrakech, Fes or Essaouira Medina’s, there may be a short walk from the vehicle as some Riads located inside ancient medina’s are not directly accessible to vehicles.

What support do you offer for pick up?

We use What’s app as a free and great way to communicate. Your driver may send you a “Hello” message on What’s app to make contact with you. You can also message your driver on What’s app if you need any assistance.

What size transfer vehicle should i book?

It’s best to book a vehicle which is appropriate for the number of passengers and luggage which you have. On the booking form you will be able to see and choose vehicle types. This makes it quick and easy for you to choose the correct size vehicle.

Additional support

Our UK customer services also provide free customer services via What’s app messages. Feel free to message us if you need any help or assistance or if you have any questions we can help you with. We provide our customers with full support and assistance.

essaouira evening on the street

About essaouira

Essaouira is a popular Medina town on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. There are plenty of things to do for free in Essaouira. Additionally, there are many historical places to enjoy in Essaouira.

Our private essaouira taxis

Remember, that for our private transfers between Marrakech and Essaouira, we use only modern and air conditioned vehicles – not public grande taxis or Petite taxis.


Getting around town: Public essaouira taxis – petite Taxis

On occasion, you may need to take Essaouira taxis for short journeys around town. For this purpose, you can simply hail a petite taxi on the street. Petite taxis are usually small, blue coloured vehicles. Petite taxis are public taxis and they can be hailed in the street.The Petite taxis are usually old and do not have air conditioning. They can be great for short trips within the city limits. However, they are only able to travel within the city limits and are not allowed outside of Essaouira. They are also only licensed to carry a maximum of 3 passengers.


Getting around town: Public essaouira taxis

Grande taxis are usually large, blue coloured vehicles and they are public taxis. These taxis can be hailed in the street. However, do not have functioning air conditioning. You can find a myriad of Grande Taxis at the Essaouira place de taxi. This is centrally located at the Essaouira Bus station. Grande taxis are usually old and they are licensed to seat a maximum of 6 passengers. Amazingly, they seat 4 passengers in the back seat and 2 people in the front passenger seat. As a result, with no air conditioning, it’s a bit of a squash.

Grande taxis are licensed to travel regionally in Morocco. They can transport you to other cities, but you need to  remember that they have no air conditioning. They are usually old vehicles too. You can be sure that it’s not going to be the most comfortable of rides.

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