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Casablanca Airport Train to Marrakech

Casablanca Airport train

The Casablanca Airport Train to Marrakech journey does not have to be difficult. But it might just be.
Casablanca Airport is the largest in Morocco. It is a popular port of entry for visitors. Sometimes flights to Morocco are cheaper if you choose Casablanca as your arrival Airport.

Whilst Casablanca Airport is large, it’s size does not compare to that of Heathrow or Madrid. So, if you are familiar with either, you will find Casablanca Airport easy to navigate.

To get the Casablanca Airport Train to Marrakech, you first have to go to the basement of the Airport. This is where the Airport Train Station is situated.

Once there, you buy you your tickets. You have to buy two tickets. The first takes you to the local city Train station of Casa Voyageurs. The second ticket takes you onward to Marrakech.

The cost in total for both tickets combined is 130.00 Moroccan Dirham for 2nd class and  200.00 Moroccan Dirham for 1st class.

I recommend 1st class tickets. The seats in 1st class trains are a bit more comfortable than in 2nd class.

How to check the Casablanca Airport train timetables

How to check the timetables for the Casablanca Airport Trains to Marrakech
To check the timetables for Casablanca Airport Trains to Marrakech, firstly, visit the Morocco Train timetables. On the ONCF website.

The first point to note about the link above is that i have directed you to the “Billets Normaux” page. This page provides you with a search which displays both the timetables and the train prices on the same page. If you use just the ordinary search facility you will get a page showing the Train times only. You will then have to visit the “Billets Normaux” search page to then search and find the prices. The Billets Normaux page shows both, saving you time.

Note that the Train timetables website is only available in French. However, it is easy to understand.

Once at the “Billets Normaux” page, do the following search:

1. Select “Gare depart” as “Aeroport Med V”

2. Select “Gare d’arrivee” as  “Casa Voyageurs”

It is important to select “Casa Voyageurs” rather than Marrakech. If you select Marrakech, you will only be shown journeys which link together to Marrakech within a reasonable amount of time of say 1 hour.

If you select “Casa Voyageurs” as the destination, you will be shown all train departures from the Airport to Casa Voyageurs.

Timetables combining the two trains show trains from Casablanca Airport to Marrakech departing usually every 4 hours.

If you select “Casa Voyageurs” as your first destination, you will find that trains depart from Casablanca Airport to Casa Voyageurs almost every hour.

This is convenient because it’s much better to get to Casa Voyageurs and wait there for 1 hour, than it is to wait at Airport.

3. Select your “Confort” – either 2nd class or 1st class.

4. Select your departure date.

5. Click “Recherche” (Search).

You can then see the prices and the Train timetables for Casablanca Airport to Casa Voyageurs.

Copy and paste the timetables table into a notepad file or memo note.

6. Repeat the above procedure for the trains departing from Casa Voyageurs to Marrakech.

You now have the best Train timetables and prices list available. This will save you from thinking that you have to hang around the Airport for a few hours.

What to do at Casa voyageurs train station

At Casa Voyageurs Train Station, you will find a Café, toilets and a waiting room. In the immediate are of the Train Station there are a few Café’s and shops. Additionally, there is an IBIS Budget Hotel located almost adjacent to the Casa Voyageurs Train station. This could be very helpful to you if your flight arrives late a night.

Enjoy the Casablanca Airport Train to Marrakech

Mise en service du doublement complet de la voie Casablanca-Marrakech et de la gare Casa-Voyageurs @ONCFgroup

— Agence MAP (@MAP_Information) November 23, 2018

12 thoughts on “Casablanca Airport Train to Marrakech”

  1. This information is helpful, do you know how close the Marrakech train station is from the Marrakech airport? I am trying to find a direct link from Casa airport to Marrakech airport, hoping to avoid taking taxis.

    1. Hi Monalisa,
      Thank you for your comment.

      There is no direct link between Casablanca Airport and Marrakech Airport using public transport.
      If you got the train from Casablanca Airport, you would have to take a public bus or a taxi from the train station to the Airport.

      If you don’t want that type of journey, we do have a private transfer available which will take you directly from Casablanca Airport to Marrakech Airport.

      You can find the full details here:

      Casablanca to Marrakech transfers



  2. This is fabulously helpful! Do you think if we arrive at 6:00am we can make the 7:30am train? I’m not sure how fast customs is etc. Thank you!

    1. It could be possible to catch the Casablanca Airport train. It depends how long you take to complete immigration. At some times 90 minutes could be okay.

  3. Hello, when you get to Casa Voyageurs, do you get off to get another train to Marrakesh? Where can I get details on that?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      You purchase through tickets for the train at Casablanca Airport.
      You then exit the train at Casa Voyageurs and get onto the train heading for Marrakech.
      There will be announcements and displays at Casa voyageurs telling you wish platform to go to.
      However….be aware that they sometimes change the exact platform in the last few minutes before the Marrakech train arrives and you may need to make a last second dash over the bridge to the other platform…so, stay glued to the display boards and announcements.



  4. Hi, great information, but I have a question….. If I buy a ticket from Casa airport to Marrakesh and break journey in Casa Voyaguers will the ticket be valid the next day iif I break the journey and stay overnight in the Ibis hotel in CV? Thank you for your help?

    1. Hi Heather,
      Unfortunately, no, the ticket purchase that way would not be valid.
      However, you could buy 2 tickets…one for Casablanca airport to Casa Voyageurs and then another ticket to travel onwards to Marrakech.

      all the best,


    1. Hi Alyssa,
      If you are arriving at Casablanca Airport, you should buy your tickets there. You buy 2 sets of tickets – one from the Airport to the station of change, and then one to continue to Marrakech.
      If you are arriving directly at Casa voyageurs, then you can buy your tickets when you arrive at the Station.

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