Ouzoud falls day trips

Visit the tallest Cascades in north Africa

Ouzoud falls day trips from Marrakech

The Ouzoud falls day trips from Marrakech depart daily.

There is a choice between shared group trips and private trips.

Group Ouzoud falls day trips help you to save money by travelling together with other people on pre-arranged trips. The vehicles used for shared group trips are usually 16 seater modern and air conditioned Minibuses, with a driver. The group trips usually pick you up from your Marrakech Hotel at around 8am.

A private Ouzoud falls day trip allows you more freedom to enjoy the day on your own schedule. The other advantage to private trips is that the vehicle and the driver are for your exclusive use for the whole day. The vehicles used for the private Ouzoud falls day trips are varied according to the number of people you book for. The vehicles are usually modern and air conditioned 4×4 vehicles or, if you are a larger group, a modern Minibus.

Private Ouzoud falls day trips also allow you to select your ideal start time. For instance, you may wish to be picked up from your Marrakech Hotel at 6am. This helps you to get to Ouzoud falls about 2 hours before the group trips arrive.

About the Ouzoud falls


The Ouzoud Waterfalls Cascades are located about two and a half to three hours drive North east of Marrakech.
The drive duration depends upon whether you are with a tour or driving yourself in a hire car.

The fastest way to get to Ouzoud would be private tour, which would meet you at your Hotel and then start the journey directly.  Shared group tours would need to pick each passenger up from their Hotels, so expect a delay of between 30 minutes to 1 hour before you actually start the journey to Ouzoud on a shared tour.

The slowest option of getting to Ouzoud would be to take the local bus.

Self drive to the Ouzoud falls

If you are driving your hire car from Marrakech to Ouzoud, the journey will most likely take about 3 hours. Not being very familiar with the roads, and perhaps being less confident than an experienced Moroccan driver would be, 3 hours should be sufficient time to allow for this journey.

Pay attention on the roads

As you near Ouzoud, pay attention to the sides of the roads, watching out for the children who regularly line this road trying to catch your attention to sell you small items. They can sometimes jump out into the road without notice, to try to slow you down.

Parking at Ouzoud

Once you arrive at Ouzoud there are plenty of parking options. Each one will have a price of between 10 and 20 dirham to park your car and the fee will be paid direct to the parking attendant.

Getting to Ouzoud falls by Public bus or Grande taxi

There are public buses which depart from Marrakech bus station at Bab Doukala to Azilal.  The price is reportedly 50 dirham per person.

Once you arrive at Azilal, you will need to take a Grande taxi from Azilal to Ouzoud.

The lowest price option will be to take a shared Grande taxi. However, you will most likely have to wait for the shared Grande taxi to be full, which may take a lot of time and will eat into your day.

If you want a speedier option, then you need to be prepared to hire the whole Grande taxi of 6 seats. Each seat would most likely sell for about 25 Dirham. This makes the total cost of the grande taxi from Azilal to Ouzoud approx 150.00 Dirham.

What to do at Ouzoud falls

Getting a guide at Ouzoud

The first option when arriving at Ouzoud is to take the guide (which, on a tour will most likely be offered to you). The guide will take you on a 1 and a half hour walk around the Falls, where, after taking the small boats across the pools, you will end up at the base of the falls where the Cafe’s and Monkeys are.
A guide, if you are in a large group will most likely cost you about 30 dirham per person. If you are 2 or 3 people only, the cost will most likely be between 100 and 150.00 Dirham in total.

Self guiding at Ouzoud cascades

The second option when arriving at Ouzoud will get you to the base of the falls much quicker and does not require a guide. Take the left entrance downhill, down a short unmade track which is lined with market stalls and traders. Then you will find the steps down to the base. There are approx 600 steps which wind their way down to the base of the falls where the monkeys and the Cafe’s are located.

Food at Ouzoud Cascades

The Cafe’s at the Ouzoud Waterfalls offer many choices, serving Tea, Coffee, cold drinks and lunch.
100 dirham per person will get you a good Tagine or Couscous or perhaps a grill with Chicken Kebab, Chips, Salad, Mint Tea and Moroccan pastries.

The lure of the aroma and sight of Tagines simmering away on Charcoal stoves are very tempting for a choice of lunch.

Alternatively, you could purchase Bread, Cheese,Boiled eggs, crisps etc, from a supermarket in Marrakech and take a Picnic to enjoy at the falls.

Swimming & Ouzoud cascades boat trips

At the base of the falls, there are many small colorful, makeshift boats made out of large, plastic drums and metal frame, which seats secured to them. You can take a 10 minute trip on these for around 20 dirham per person. The boat person will take you as close to the actual falls so you can take those all important selfies.

It’s also possible to swim in the pools at Ouzoud, and indeed, you will see many young locals diving off the cliffs. If you do want to swim, do ensure that you take proper advice regarding the exact locations where it is safe to do so.


Shared group daily Ouzoud falls trip

Daily departures with Marrakech hotel pick up, Modern & air conditioned vehicles, Shared group trip


Private Ouzoud falls trip

Daily departures with Marrakech hotel pick up, Modern & air conditioned vehicles, private trip.