Marrakech Camel rides prices & information

Marrakech Camel trekking

Riding Camels in Marrakech is a popular holiday activity.
There are many options to choose from all of which are mainly operated within the Marrakech Palmeraie area.

The Palmeraie is located north of Marrakech city and is lined with Palm trees which wind their way through rural villages.


Camel ride excursions in the Palmeraie can have a duration of between 45 minutes and 3 hours. Most people find that a maximum of 1 hour on a Camel is more than enough.

Check an activities description for the exact Camel ride length. Some companies may include the transfer from your Hotel to the Palmeraie (and back again) in the total excursion duration time.

The vast majority of Marrakech Camel riding excursions will offer more or less the same detail in the itinerary.

Hotel pick up for your Camel rides

Ensure that your chosen Marrakech Camel ride excursion provider includes pick up from your Hotel in Marrakech and also drop off back to the Hotel at the end of the excursion. All sellers of Camel ride excursions include this, but it’s always best to ensure that this is specifically listed in the excursion description.

Shared or private Marrakech Camel rides

Most Marrakech Camel ride excursions are shared group activities by default. Although, if you are part of a large group, it’s most likely that your group will have it’s own activity.

When looking for Marrakech Camel rides, ensure that your chosen company is going to provide each person with their own Camel for the duration.

Children under 12 years of age should always usually ride the same Camel as their parent. This is for safety, though some companies may allow them to ride their own Camel.

If you have a baby in your family who will join the activity, i totally recommend that you bring your sling with you from home so that your baby can be securely strapped to your chest whilst you ride. Remember that whilst this is okay, it is still not totally safe. In my view, there is no totally safe way for a baby to ride a Camel.

What to take with you
It’s very important to take bottled water with you on your Camel ride in the Marrakech palmeraie. This will help you to stay hydrated whilst in the sun.

Travel insurance
Ensure that your travel insurance (you have purchased travel insurance for your holiday?) covers you specifically for Camel riding. Don’t just assume it will, check and double check that policy detail!

The Camel ride providers should have their own insurance policy in place, to cover them in the event that they do something which causes you to have an accident. However, remember that you should also have your own travel insurance.

Are Camels safe to ride?
Essentially, Camels are safe to ride. The Nomads across the world have been riding Camels for years. Remember though, that Camels are animals and that all animals can act unpredictably sometimes.

Getting on your Camel

Always follow the directions of the Camel guide, be nice to your Camel and don’t be frightened.

Getting on the Camel is the easy part. Once on-board, the Camel will stand up. This is the scariest part for some people. The Camel first stands up using it’s rear legs, which starts you on a roller-coaster type experience, with you suddenly looking down and pointing sharply towards the ground in front of the Camel. You may feel like you are going to tumble over the top of the Camel…but people rarely do. The Camel then finally stands up on it’s front legs and stabilises.


1 hour Marrakech Palmeraie Camel ride

Pick up from your Marrakech hotel.<br /> Each Adult has their own Camel.<br /> 1 hour Camel ride duration.