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Top 10 tips Marrakech Airport speedy arrival

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Arriving at Marrakech Airport, all excited for the heat to hit you in the face and say “You’ve arrived!”, strolling across the tarmac to the arrival terminal ready to breeze past immigration, grab your luggage, and meet your transfer driver to enjoy Marrakech, it sounds like something that should be so simple.
It can be. But you need to be prepared, if you want to give yourself the best chance of slipping through immigration swiftly.

  1. When you book your flight to Marrakech, try and reserve your seat in advance. The best seats for aiding your speedy entry into Marrakech are the first 3 front rows of the Aircraft. Not only does this mean that you will be one of the first off the plane, but you also get the bonus of being one of the first to get served drinks and food during your flight – bonus!
  2. When you pack your hand-luggage, include a Pen which you can grab quickly when you arrive.
  3. If the Cabin crew hand out Morocco immigration forms during the flight, ensure that your complete the whole form during the flight.
  4. If you have to wait until you get to the Airport to get your Morocco immigration card, then you should be amongst the first people from your flight into the terminal, locate the immigration entry forms on the desks, grab as many as you need and then swiftly add yourself to one of the queues for immigration.
  5. Ensuring that there are sufficient amounts of people in the immigration queue ahead of you, if you have not completed your immigration form during the flight, you can complete your form whilst standing in the queue – instead spending time standing at the immigration form desks filling it out there. This way, you get to join the queue ahead of your fellow passengers and move forward towards the nice immigration officer whilst completing your immigration form. When completing your card always ensure that you fully complete it, especially important is the name and address of the Riad or Hotel that you will be staying at – or one of them, if you are going to be staying at multiple hotels.
  6. Never take photos, or, make it look like you might be taking a photo. This can possibly result in you being pulled from the queue and delayed.
  7. Don’t eat and try not to drink in the immigration queue (and of course at the immigration desk) especially during Ramadan.
  8. Be nice to the immigration officer, amuse him slightly with your dreadful Arabic or French attempts, but don’t be cocky with it.
  9. If you have luggage to collect, locate the correct luggage collection point and then locate the point of entry for the luggage. Go and stand exactly in front of the luggage entry point – you will see your luggage first and not have to wait for it to move along the travelator towards you.
  10. If you need to exchange currency, it’s best to ignore the currency exchange office which is located in the luggage hall. In my experience, they usually have the worse rates of exchange. It’s always best to grab your luggage, proceed through customs, meet your transfer driver and then visit the currency exchange offices in the main Airport terminal hall where you will be.

That’s our top 10 tips Marrakech Airport speedy arrival.

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