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Marrakech medical tourism

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Marrakech Medical tourism could soon be launching with the opening of a Medical tourism facility.
Whilst a Hammam and Massage and enjoying a cup of Mint tea has long been a popular activity when visiting Marrakech. But very soon, tourists may be heading to the Marrakech Healthcare city for more  than something relaxing and rejuvenating.

The centre will be financed by investors from the Emirates and could be open as soon as mid 2015.

With a cost of over $60 Million US Dollars, the centre will be a residential and healthcare complex covering a n area of around 21,000 square metres.

The Marrakech medical tourism complex will be located just a few minutes drive from Marrakech Airport.

The idea of Medical tourism is not a new concept as many European countries offer this service. Medical tourism in the middle east has also grown significantly over the past few years with Dubai and Abu Dhabi leading the way.

The extent to which procedures will be offered for medical tourism in Marrakech remains to be seen, but with backers from Emirates, this could well be a useful destination for European visitors. The providers are also intending for the centre to be a big attraction to many visitors from other countries in Africa.

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