Making a Marrakech city travel video?

What makes a great day for making a Marrakech city travel video?

The sights – of course – coupled with the sounds and aroma’s take you on an incredible adventure.

But, additionally, having a great personality in front of the Camera is also rather helpful. Two travelers, Greg & Nellie, achieve this really well and provide a great introduction to some great places to photograph in Marrakech.

Among the busy alleyways and streets, on their first trip to Morocco, the travelers found a way to create a great Marrakech city travel video of their trip and help future Marrakech visitors with a few tips about Photography locations in the city.

The couple appear to be confident travelers and present really well whilst in front of the Camera.

They first take us through the winding alleyways of the Medina, introducing us to Donkeys and kittens and giving us a great first look at one of the local areas of the ancient walled city.

Concentrating on what may be of interest to visitors with Cameras, they first visit the Marrakech Photography Museum. What a perfect place to start for a traveler with a Camera. As Greg discovers, the Museum contains photographs of Marrakech in the years gone by. Some of the Museum photographs date back to 1870.

The next location they introduce to us is the much visited Tanneries of Marrakech.

The tanneries look great in a movie and are actually one of the most visited Marrakech locations for a visitor. However, as Greg points out in his video, the tanneries do smell rather bad. The cause of the smell at the Tanneries is the Guano (Bird droppings) which are used in the process of making leather. And they use lots of it.

The Marrakech tanneries are definately an attraction for a visitor, but my advice is to be prepared before you go.

During the hot summer months, the Guano at the Marrakech tanneries gets very pungent. To counteract this, by a couple of sprigs of fresh mint to take with you when you visit. You can hold the fresh Mint and breathe through it to mask the awful smell of the Tanneries.The final location visited by Greg and Nellie in their travel vid is the now very famous Jemaa el fna.

The sun setting over the Medina and behind the Koutoubia mosque is one of the most sought after Marrakech Photos.

I certainly support Greg’s advice of finding somewhere which is elevated, just prior to sunset, to enjoy the ambiance and get that perfect Marrakech sunset photo.

For a great introduction to some popular Marrakech photography locations, enjoy Greg & Nellie’s Marrakech city travel video “One day in Marrakech”.

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