Using Facetime and skype in Morocco


Using Skype in Morocco Using Facetime and Skype in Morocco has been troublesome for many years. Officially, there was a an outright ban on using many communications apps throughout Morocco. Attempted use of the Apps such as Facetime, Skype, What’s app would usually result in interrupted connections, at best and no connections available, at the […]

Free flights to Marrakech for Smokers?

Free flights to Marrakech? Smoking has fast become very unpopular in countries such as the UK and USA. In Marrakech and Morocco, Smoking is still a popular habit. In public, it’s usual to see Men sitting in cafe’s enjoying their nous-nous or Coffee early evenings. Buying Cigarettes in Morocco has it’s benefits though, and smokers can even […]

Why visit Ait Ben Haddou Morocco?


Ait Ben haddou is a world from the past. Located south of Marrakech, across the Atlas Mountains. So, you’ve seen it on TV in Game of Thrones and BBC Atlantis. But Why should i visit Ait Ben Haddou in Morocco? How to find Ait Ben Haddou Along the edge of the Atlas mountain ranges, lost […]

Snowboarding in Marrakech


Just 1 hour or so from the Magical city of Marrakech, is a Snowboarding wonderland for snow fun in the sun! Marrakech boasts itself as a warm location all year round.  It is, with the exception of the winter months between October and February. During these months, the early mornings and the evenings will be […]

Casablanca Airport Train to Marrakech

Casablanca Airport train The Casablanca Airport Train to Marrakech journey does not have to be difficult. But it might just be. Casablanca Airport is the largest in Morocco. It is a popular port of entry for visitors. Sometimes flights to Morocco are cheaper if you choose Casablanca as your arrival Airport. Whilst Casablanca Airport is […]

Sandboarding Erg Chebbi Morocco


Sandboarding in Morocco or Dune surfing, has been a popular pastime for Nomad and desert children in Morocco for many years. Thinking back to their childhood, the adults will tell you that they used to use a wide range of self made materials to do Sandboarding at Erg Chebbi. Morocco has various desert areas, but […]

5 Essaouira things to do for free on a day trip from Marrakech

5 Essaouira things to do for free On a day trip from Marrakech to Essaouira, you can experience the seaside town and everything it has to offer. A cultural and traditional seaside town on the Moroccan coast, Essaouira is full of history and combines this well with it’s unique approach to modern day life. Essaouira […]