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Haggling in Marrakech Souks Market

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Haggling in Marrakech

Haggling in Marrakech is all part of the fun and culture of shopping in Marrakech and Morocco. But, to haggle with success, there are few methods that you should try to be familiar with.
One of the most successful methods to use when haggling in Marrakech is the Walk away method.

Haggling in Marrakech – The walk away method

Before you start haggling, have a good look around at multiple outlets and try to understand the prices for the items that you are interested in. At this stage, don’t get involved in any deep negotiations – you are merely interested in finding out what the average opening price is.

Once you have estimated the average opening price for your item, return to the vendor who you really want to buy the item from or visit a vendor that you have not been to before. Then, you can test out his opening price. If he opens with a high opening price, then you know that he is just trying it on with you. If the opening price is riddiculously high then you can tell that he is not being serious with you. The best option is to tell the vendor that you know that his price is riddiculous (with respect), and walk away.

Walk away when the vendor does not play fair.

The Haggler’s walk.

You have to do this right. This has to be done correctly. The next bargaining sequence is going to totally depend upon how you walk away.

You have to walk right away from the vendor’s shop. He has to believe that you will and are actually leaving. Don’t turn around and don’t look back. It’s best to adopt your poker face when walking away. Don’t just loiter at the next shop, but do walk with intent.

Most usually, as you get to a certain distance away from the vendor’s shop, he will call you back.
Again, walk with intent towards him, but don’t grin like a cheshire cat.

Your walking away action has now put you firmly in control of the haggling process. Now, it is important to retain this control.

To re-open the haggling, ask the vendor what his new price is.

Consider this new offer for a few seconds and then respond with a new offer that is 25% lower than his offer.

If the vendor does not agree to your new price, ask him for another offer. If this new price is not acceptable to you, re-affirm your price and wait for a response. If the vendor still does not accept, thank him kindly and walk away again.

It is most likely that the vendor will then call you back again and accept your new offer.

When haggling in Marrakech, it is very important that you know your price and stick with it.

However, don’t haggle over pennies, keep the haggling to considerably large amounts to get the bulk of the price discounted.

Remember that, on average, 10 Dirham is less than 1 Euro and considerably less than 1 pound, so, don’t get drawn into haggling over small amounts – unless the starting price of the item was low in the first place!

Practice the walk away method with a vendor for an item that you don’t want, but don’t be annoying with this.

Haggling in Marrakech can be fun and a great way to buy some local produce in the same way that the locals buy their products.

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  1. Please remember that prices on the whole are cheaper than you would pay for the item in a tourist outlet in the UK so don’t be greedy and try to buy things for even less. Remember that the person you are haggling with may not be the shopkeeper and it may be his cut or commission that is at stake here. On a 10 D item don’t try and buy it for 8, if it isn’t worth £1 don’t buy it.

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