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Guide where to stay in Marrakech

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Our guide to where to stay in Marrakech provides you with an overview of the neighbourhoods of Marrakech. We provide you with detailed summaries of each area to help you decide where to stay in Marrakech.
There are 3 areas to stay in Marrakech.

Where to stay in Marrakech:

  • Marrakech Medina
  • Marrakech Hivernage
  • Marrakech Gueliz
  • Marrakech Palmeraie
  • Marrakech Agdal

Where to stay in Marrakech Medina:

The first is Marrakech Medina, which is the old city, and is full of small and medium sized Riad’s, guest-houses and Bnb’s – around 500 at the last rough count. A stay in Marrakech Medina is ideal for those who wish to experience life in the small, winding alleys and busy streets of an ancient city. All of the services will be on your Hotel doorstep. Could be ideal for a few days stay, prior to moving out of the Medina to enjoy a relaxing few days in another part of the city. The Medina is a bustle (particularly Jamaa el fna, which is the main square in Marrakech).

If you want a Hotel with a Swimming pool, then you probably won’t find it in the Medina, as space is very restricted here. There are some Riad’s in Marrakech Medina which advertise that they have a Swimming pool, but most of them actually tend to be Plunge pools.

One of the advantages of choosing to stay in Marrakech Medina could be that you will most likely stay in a small independent Riad’s. These have owner managers and staff who may offer a more personalised & attentive service than the larger international Hotel chains in Marrakech.

Located in the city, about 20 minutes by Taxi from Marrakech Airport to Medina Hotels.

Where to stay in Marrakech Hivernage?

Hivernage is a suburb of Marrakech, housing mainly the large international Hotels of Marrakech. They offer all the usual facilities that you can expect: large rooms, swimming pools, Gyms, Hotel Restaurants, Casino’s etc.
Only a few minutes taxi ride away from the Medina and other areas of Marrakech.

A Taxi from Marrakech Airport to Hivernage Hotels usually takes around 20 minutes journey time

Where to stay in Marrakech: Should i stay in Gueliz?

Gueliz is regarded as “The new city” in Marrakech, with a rather European feel to it. Gueliz has nice, modern Café’s (plenty to choose from) to enjoy. Some Gueliz

Hotels do have Swimming pools, and the pace of life tends to be less busy than the Medina. You still have great access to the Medina area, being just a few minutes away in a Taxi.

A transfer from Marrakech Airport to Gueliz takes around 20 minutes.

Where to stay in Marrakech Palmeraie

Marrakech Palmeraie is outside of Marrakech city. So, if you are going to stay here, realise that you will be somewhat cut off from the city. With travel times of up to 35 minutes from your Hotel to get into the city centre at peak times, The Marrakech Palmeraie is a remote escape.
Having said that, this really is a beautiful and ideal area for you to experience absolutely gorgeous hotels with large grounds and facilities.

Unobstructed views of the Atlas Mountains can usually be enjoyed from many of the Marrakech Palmeraie Hotels. They usually tend to have Spa facilities. The Palmeraie is an ideal base for easy access to Golf courses in Marrakech.

An Airport Taxi to Marrakech Palmeraie Hotels usually takes between 30 and 40 minutes journey time, depending upon traffic in the city and the location of your Hotel in Marrakech Palmeraie.

The Agdal area of Marrakech

Agdal is another suburb, but a newer part of town, and home to medium to large and mainly independent Riad’s. Depending upon your Hotel’s location in Agdal, travel time into the city could be anything from being located just outside the Medina walls to 20 minutes journey time.

There are essentially 2 areas of Agdal. The first being Agdal Medina, which is further away from the main city of Marrakech, and is ideal for a relaxing, get away from it all break. The Riad’s and Hotel’s in Agdal Medina range from independent Riad’s to large, resort style Hotels.

Getting from Marrakech Airport to Agdal Hotels usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes journey time.

Hotels in the Marrakech area

Marrakech is not just a city, but is also a region. As well as the area of the city mentioned above, there are also a large, amount of Hotels in rural Marrakech countryside. This area falls into the regional area of Marrakech generally. So, we have included the wider area in our where to stay in Marrakech guide.

Be aware that it has been known for some of these Hotels to try to fool prospective guests into believing that they are based in or with very easy access to Marrakech City, sometimes grossly understating the real journey time between their Hotel and Marrakech city centre.

We’ve even heard of Riad’s in Imlil in the High Atlas Mountains marketing themselves as being in Marrakech! – yet a taxi from Marrakech to Imlil will take around one and a half hours!

So, if you want to stay in Marrakech countryside Hotels, always ensure that you check and double check the Hotel’s location and ease of access to the city.

This is the guide where to stay in Marrakech.

We hope that you have found this guide useful.

If you have any questions or comments, do feel welcome to write your comments and questions about staying in Marrakech in the comments section below.

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