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Geocache Marrakech treasure hunt

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Geocaching is a relatively new form of treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. Participants use a GPS or a Smartphone with a downloaded app to search for and hunt down hidden cache’s.
Geocach Marrakech and Morocco is relatively new, but, for those visiting, there are Geocache’s to be found!

To participate in Geocaching, first visit the site and register for a free account.

You then download the free geocaching app, look at the geocache Map of Marrakech and begin Geocaching Marrakech!

The map will show you the co-ordinates of all Marrakech Geocache’s. Your task is to use your GPS to navigate to the location of the Geocache and then, find it. Geocache’s are hidden, and each one is rated according to how difficult it is to find it.

If you are new to Geocaching, then you probably want to start with an easy task.

What can i find when Geocache Marrakech?

When you successfully find a Geocache in Marrakech, you open the container and then sign the log book hidden inside using your geocache username, date and time. Hidden inside the container will be a small present, a gift. You can take the gift….but, you must replace it with an item of equal or greater value. So, the next geocacher also has a small, nice surprise.

Are some of the gecocache contents valuable?

Sometimes, the geocache containers include Geo coins, which are collectibles. They may commemorate special events. Sometimes, businesses hold special geocaching events or promotions, which, when found, may include some special offer or even a cash prize.

Where can i find Marrakech Geocaches?

Geocaches can be hidden anywhere. In fact, anyone with a geocache account can create and hide new geocaches…but you must folow the rules to do this.

There are a growing number of Geocaches in Marrakech and we will be featuring the clues to the starting locations for new geocaches over time. So, when you visit Marrakech, you too can start Geocaching Marrakech.

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