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Free flights to Marrakech for Smokers?

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Free flights to Marrakech?

Smoking has fast become very unpopular in countries such as the UK and USA.

In Marrakech and Morocco, Smoking is still a popular habit. In public, it’s usual to see Men sitting in cafe’s enjoying their nous-nous or Coffee early evenings.

Buying Cigarettes in Morocco has it’s benefits though, and smokers can even get their Flights to Marrakech free of charge.

How to get free flights to Marrakech if you are Smoker

In the UK, the average packet of top brand Cigarettes costs around £8.00 to £9.00 per packet of 20 Cigarettes.

In Morocco, on average, the same packet costs around £3.00.

Let’s assume that your stay in Marrakech is 7 nights, and you usually smoke 1 packet of Cigarettes each day. In the UK, 7 packets of Cigarettes would cost you a total of £60.00. In Marrakech, the same will cost you around £21.00

Savings when visiting Marrakech: £39.00

Flights from Marrakech to the UK

When flying from Marrakech to the UK, you can take advantage of the Duty free shops to buy your Cigarettes to take back to the UK.

However, you do need to be aware of the limits for duty free Cigarettes being brought into the UK.

As at January 2015, each person over the age of 17 years can bring the following duty free Tobacco items into the UK from non European countries:

  • 200 cigarettes
  • 100 cigarillos
  • 50 cigars
  • 250g tobacco

Savings on Duty free cigarettes from Marrakech Airport

When purchasing duty free cigarettes at Marrakech Airport, you will make some extra savings compared to prices of Cigarettes in the UK. Let’s assume that on average, you make a saving of £5.00 per packet.

This provides a Smoker flying from Marrakech Airport with a saving of approx £50.00.

Total savings for Smokers flying to Marrakech: £89.00

The savings that Smokers can make on buying Cigarettes in Marrakech for use in Morocco, combined with the savings that Smokers can make in buying duty free Cigarettes from Marrakech, for use after flying back to the UK is a massive saving which can result in free flights to Marrakech for Smokers!

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