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5 Essaouira things to do for free on a day trip from Marrakech

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5 Essaouira things to do for free

On a day trip from Marrakech to Essaouira, you can experience the seaside town and everything it has to offer.

A cultural and traditional seaside town on the Moroccan coast, Essaouira is full of history and combines this well with it’s unique approach to modern day life.

Essaouira things to do for free #1

Take a walk along Essaouira beach

It’s wide, and long, so you shouldn’t get bothered by other people. On a beautiful day you can walk for miles and enjoy the open air. Essaouira is commonly known as “Windy city”, but on a lot of days the beach actually has no more than a gentle light breeze. Ensure that you bring sun cream to protect your skin, a hat is also a good idea and a bottle of water to remain hydrated is also advisable.

Essaouira things to do for free #2

Visit the old Walled Essaouira Medina

The Essaouira Medina is the ancient part of the town. It’s full of stalls and little shops to browse around. Mostly, it’s hassle free (compared to Marrakech Souks. You’ll find many locally produced handicrafts on display and there is also a Jewellery quarter,

Essaouira things to do #3

Visit the Simon Attias Synagogue

Make your way through the Medina to the Jewish quarter near Annasser. You’ll find the Synagogue, which is all but abandoned now and most usually locked. However, the Synagogue is staffed by caretakers who will let you in. They will walk around with you, answering your questions and telling you about the history of the quarter and the Synagogue.

Inside the Synagogue you will see beautiful surroundings and a fascinating story of Morocco past.

Essaouira things to do #4

The Essaouira Fish market

Aside that it’s great to experience this place just by looking. During your day trip to Essaouira from Marrakech you are most likely going to get hungry. What better place to visit for lunch and enjoy a vast array of freshly caught Seafood.

From Crabs to stingray, Octopus, Prawns and a huge choice of Fish. When you are done looking and you are ready to eat, choose a stall, choose your fish and they will cook it for you there and then. Some previous visitors suggest bartering the price of the fish when it is weighed.

Take note that whilst there are Fish stalls and Café’s along the sea front, these are not the Fish market. The actual fish market is located inside the Medina in a small square. It’s fairlydifficult to find and you may have to ask someone for directions.  In general, when in the Medina, you should try heading for Souk Laghzal, it is just off the main street when walking from Bab Doukala. The fish market is totally not touristy as it is place for both locals and tourists to enjoy a lunchtime treat.

Essaouira things to do #5

Galerie d’art Damgaard

A small & local artist gallery located in Avenue Oqba Ibn Naffia, not too far from Place Moulay Hassan. The gallery is a white building with a large blue sign outside and is located directly adjacent to a Societe generale Bank branch.

The gallery hasbeen displaying works of art from local artists since 1998.

To get a better understanding of the Gallery, visit the Galerie d’art Damgaard website.

5 Essaouira things to do for free on a day trip from Marrakech

Of course, there is much more than 5 things to for free in Essaouira. The town has a such an enjoyable vibe to it, and makes for a great break from the bustle of Marrakech Medina.

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