Labranda aqua fun to Marrakech Airport

Aqua fun taxis to Marrakech Airport
Marrakech Airport transfers & taxisLabranda aqua fun to Marrakech Airport

Labranda Aqua fun Hotel to Marrakech Airport
Private transfers from Labranda Aqua fun to Marrakech Airport.
The Aqua Fun club is operated by Labranda and is located approx 18Km / 13 Miles from Marrakech Airport.
On most days the journey takes about 30 minutes as you travel along the Route de l’Ourika.

Private Airport transfer service with modern & air conditioned vehicles.

All vehicles are modern and air conditioned.

We provide free child car booster seats free of charge.

Private transfers just for you.


4 passengers with 4 large luggage

€17.00 per vehicle


6 passengers with 6 large luggage

€22.00 per vehicle


7 passengers with 7 large luggage

€25.00 per vehicle


8 passengers with 8 large luggage

€28.00 per vehicle

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What to expect from a transfer to Marrakech Airport

Our driver meets you directly at reception of the Hotel at the time you request.

Remember to allow for between 30 and 40 minutes journey time to the Airport, when booking your transfer.

We also advise you that most Airlines require you to be at Marrakech Airport at least 2 hours prior to your flight departure time. Sometimes Easyjet & Ryanair insist that you are at the Airport 3 hours prior to you flight departure time.

Air conditioned vehicles

Our drivers vehicles are modern and clean vehicles with working air conditioning.


Child car seats

Our transfers provide you with free child car seats for the safety and comfort of your children.